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You buy your dream home. It’s perfect, right down to the ornate original plasterwork. Only it’s not, and weeks later you realise every homeowner’s worst nightmare – you’ve inherited someone else’s problem. Continue reading

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Things to do when looking to buy a house

Pre Purchase Tips

At Besafe Property Inspections we always go out of our way to add value to our clients. Enjoy this FREE guide packed with helpful hints and tips before you make one of the most important investments of your life – buying your first new home ! Continue reading

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Wall, Ceiling and Settlement Cracks – not all their cracked up to be!

Have you noticed a crack in the brickwork of your house or on the ceiling of the lounge room? Is it serious or not? Here is some information on the types of cracks found around the house; which cracks may point to serious structural problems and which cracks are normal movement within a house. Continue reading

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